we went thru the coldness of the grey
the solitude of autumn
and the emptiness of the soil when itís all in vain

we went thru the vinegar of anguish
when we pretend that itís blue
and retain the vomit of our fears

we went thru the illness of our soul
entangled with the iron of our heart

we went thru the patience of lost days
attempting to resurface the breathing of our eyes

we went thru the wages of loneliness
going in the circles of madness

we went thru a life that did not want us
and that continues despite our better judgment

we risked it all for nothing
and we got nothing
we though we were fine
and found out we were not
until we realised it was the despair that got us thru
when we didnít know how to calm the tempest of our rage

and we got thru to that place where itís thru
where itís wonderful enough
to proclaim the danger of this song
which has never wanted to vanish in vain

and thru this tunnel of wonders
weíre not thru with the finest of our love

November 2012