What Art is Not  (franšais)

Art is not about pleasing everyone, or even anyone, may be not even ourselves.

Art is not about what we already know, but about what we need to know.

Art is not about the past, but about extricating ourselves from the past.

A work of art is not about something else, about representing something else. It is in itself and for itself an experience of a unique value for the artist and the receivers.

Art is not about making money, about selling products, about hiding, camouflaging, disguising or seducing.

Art is not about accepting the accepted beauty of the past, but about uncovering the unacceptable beauty of our refusal.

Art is not about fixing the wealth of others, but about liberating our healthy self.

Art is not about finding a form to a content, but about letting a form emerge to give space to new contents.

Art does not belong to specialists, it is what is special in all of us, more or less developed according to the possibilities open to us.

Art is not about intention, but about the need to give shape to our desires and energy locked in and still unknown to ourselves.

Art is not mere fantasy, but a knowledge of where we are at that point in time.

Art is not about demonstrating a technique or a skill, but about bringing to light intimately and fearlessly the originality of our experience, and pointing to surpassing that experience.

September 2009 - Groupe acrobatiste/Acrobatist Collective