Untied / United


Looking inward
Looking outward
Looking inward and outward
The point is to decide to look



It is so bad that there is no happiness without illusion anymore.



To be radical in a peaceful land is nothing compared to fight for your life in a land at war.


To do what you said you were to do goes a long way in building the relations you want to build. But this is not all.


When Iím myself, I want to be someone else. And when Iím not, I am someone I donít want to be.


My friends,
We havenít yet reach the end of the world.
But weíre working on it!


However much we love, we also hate.
However much we hate, we also love.


We want to live to the full because we are afraid of dying. Not dying once and for all at the end, but dying everyday, suffering.


Itís hard to be free, but itís free to be hard.


Our perspective is determined by the following hierarchy. First there is the blood on Third World children, then the rest follows up to complete happiness for all. In that order.


Why be wrong when, with an additional $500, you can be right!


Letís enjoy free email while they last, because these bastards must be working overtime to invent electronic stamps.


How do you live your life without thinking about it?


Women donít want to dominate men, they want men to take their responsibilities.



What is there between us?
What colour is it?
What shape?
Is it red, black or not?



I was born in Boston and I will die in Boston. This is why I live in London.


To have power over people is to make them work or make them wait.


The first characteristic
and function of a power relation is to hide itself as power relation, to make itself invisible by squashing the power of less powerful people to recognise the power relation.

I feel good.
In complete harmony with my contradictions.


Iím like a fly on the wall.
Always worry that Iím gonna be squashed.


Thereís nothing wrong about life. Itís just that there isnít enough of it.


Canít you feel the social forces in you hammering their demands?


To make up a life, you need a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Itís like a recipe. There is always something missing.


Every time you crack the whip, remember to wipe your crack.


Speak my mind, speak.

And tell me

who tell you

to tell me

I'm wrong.


I'm not sorry, I'm angry.


They only notice those who talk, but never notice that those who donít take notice or do not, and thus rule in their own way.


If I could live before I die, Iíd be happy.


They want changes, but they donít want me to change.


History has no future


You do nothing with guilt. In fact, you donít.



There is no problem in itself with romanticism.

The problem is to afford it.



Be suspicious of those who do things for a living. Theyíll do anything to live.


Worries concern the future, not the past. (But donít worry, for the past there are regrets and remorses.)



Today never lasts.




Love what you want
Get it
Want more
Love what you want



Hiding power relations is the way power is exercised.



Either we fight or we donít. The rest is debatable.