Surrationnal Automatism:

Non preconceived plastic writing. A form leads to another one until a feeling of unity, or the impossibility to go further without destruction.


During execution no attention is paid to the contents. The certainty that it is inevitably linked to the form justifies this liberty: Lautréamont. 


Total moral indépendence vis-à-vis the produced object. It is left intact, partly retouched ouor destroyed according to the feeling it triggers(almost impossible to partially redoing). Attempt to get a plastic awareness during the writing (more precisely perhaps "a state of waking" - Robert Élie). Desire to understand the contents once the object is finished.


Its hopes : an acute knowledge of the psychological contents of any form of the human universe, made of the universe itself.


Translated by this website from Borduas, Paul-Émile, Commentaires sur des mots courant. First published in Refus Global (1948). Reproduit dans Borduas, Paul-Émile, Refus Global et autres écrits, Éditions Typo, Montréal, 1997.