While realism is rejected in politics as the buzzword of conservatism, it remains mistakenly, among radical people, the point of reference for judgments on artistic matters.


In art, there is no reason to be reasonable.


The clown unites everybody because he attacks everybody.


Life is the real play. My theatre is only a rehearsal.



- Was my name ever mentioned?
- Your name!? But you havenít got a name



I saw the night last light.




If writing collectively brings publicly what we have in common, or rather what we find acceptable to have in common or to show that we have in common, what happen with the rest?  What we don't have in common, what we found unacceptable to have in common or what we do not wish to show as common.  The rest stays hidden, unless we accept to write freely ó without constraints and without intentions.




I like the wind.
Itís free.



There are no arts without artists, and there are no lives without livers.



Movement and relations
Relations in movement
Organisation in movement
Movement of the organisation
This is where music and politics overlap to propell the slave in a celebration of her/his power.



There is no limit to our imagination.

Not yet, not again

Not even on Mondays.

Something else,
Something or else

A work of art does not represent something else,
 it is an experience in its own right.




Iím out of my mind to be fully in the world.


A good teacher is like a good interviewer, is like a good artist.
S/he listens and provokes Ė awakes Ė in the public,
the desire to raise and free him/herself.  


You canít make a new film unless you reinvent cinema.

This is poetic
Therefore musical

Therefore emotional



We are not interested in what we control, but in what is uncontrollable.



Theatre, or any art, has to be extreme, otherwise you forget it.




We must create something completely new.
Whether we will succeed, we donít know.
But we are sure to fail, if we donít start with this intention:
the intention of having no intention.




The effect of travelling
The best stuff, the cleverest ideas, often come immediately at the end of the trip, just when you enter your home again, yet this time not in the same way, because you envisage things differently. Your habits now seem strange and therefore questionable. You have new ideas, and other ideas you have been carried with you for months finally crystallised.