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500 drawings by children who escaped the violence are to be submitted to the International Criminal Court as proof of war crimes by Sudanese forces 
The testimony of the children, some as young as eight, emerged by chance when a peace campaigner handed the children paper, pencils and crayons to keep them occupied while she interviewed their mothers.

Most of them could not read or write. But they could draw. And, unprompted, they started to reveal what they had seen with their own eyes.
2 August 2007



Almanac: some questions 

"In any creative endeavour, you have to go through the chaos, and the discomfort of that. There is no escape. There is a point where it is a bit crazy and the whole thing is unmanageable, out of your control. You have to find the doorway to come out the other side.

Every frame has some emotional content.
So it's very thick with no meaning. Meaning has to be made of it."

Interview with artist Susanne Jasilek on the making of ALMANAC - video and collages. 12 June 2008

  Surrational automatism (a definition by Borduas)

Non preconceived plastic writing. A form leads to another one until a feeling of unity, or the impossibility to go further without destruction.   
Borduas, Arbres dans la nuit  (1943)
Total Refusal (1948)

We foresee a future in which man is freed from useless chains, to realize a plenitude of individual gifts, in necessary unpredictability, spontaneous and resplendent anarchy.

Until then, without surrender or rest, in community of feeling with those who thirst for better life, without fear of set-backs, in encouragement or persecution, we shall pursue in joy our overwhelming need for liberation.


The essence of acrobatism - a metaphor for life

(...) it was quite terrying and at the same time I wasn't afraid. I was anticipating the joy of mastering a difficult crossing and of entering an improvised performance full of surprises.

It's a form of living intensily. (...) I am putting all my mind, strength and presence on the wire to survive."

"After a performance, people come to me and say they were not afraid, and it gave them the feeling that nothing is impossible.

Philippe Petit, high-wire acrobat. 5 February 2009